How to order

The vector core (PVM) is a not-for-profit service that provides CAV-2 and HAd vectors at production cost.

Full costs include materials, reagents, overhead and salary.

The PVM is part of an academic/government lab created to respond to an overwhelming number of requests to share  CAV-2 vectors with our colleagues. We are not a company, so please, do not treat us like one.

  • Register on our website by completing the “Sign-in information” as well as the “order information”. All the information has to be completed to validate your account.
  • We will verify and validate your account.
  • Download the MTA and upload the final and signed version on your account.

NB : The CNRS receive thousands of MTAs every month. If you modify the clauses 1 to 8, there will be a significant delay in your order.

  • Choose the vector(s) and the quantity you want in our “Shop”.
  • You will then receive a quote that you will have to date and sign.
  • Upload your purchase order (a PO number is not enough).
  • The vector core will send the reagents to you, usually on a Monday.
  • The CNRS administration will send your accounting department an invoice.